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Breeze Pro

Breeze Pro

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Tropical Summer: Embrace the warmth of summer with this blend of tropical fruits, offering a sunny burst of flavors that's like a vacation in every vape.

Breeze Pro - Enjoy 2000 puffs of vaping bliss with the Breeze Pro. This disposable vape device offers a generous 6ml E-liquid capacity with a 50mg nicotine strength for extended enjoyment. Perfect for on-the-go vapers, it's not rechargeable, so you can simply use it and dispose of it when done. Elevate your vaping experience with Breeze Pro.

Breeze Pro Features

  • Puffs Count: 2000
  • E-liquid: 6ml
  • Nicotine: 50mg/ml
  • Rechargeable: NO
  • Charging Port: NO
  • Battery: 1000mAh - 10-12 hours

Breeze Pro Flavors:

  1. Tropical Summer: Embrace the warmth of summer with this blend of tropical fruits, offering a sunny burst of flavors that's like a vacation in every vape.
  2. Blueberry Banana: A smoothie-inspired concoction that combines the natural sweetness of ripe bananas with the tangy zest of blueberries for a comforting and wholesome taste.
  3. Blueberry Mint: A refreshing twist on fruit flavors, merging the sweet and tart notes of blueberries with a cool minty finish for a palate-cleansing experience.
  4. Grape: Pure grape flavor, reminiscent of plump, juicy grapes off the vine, offering a sweet and straightforward taste with a touch of nostalgia.
  5. Lemon Mint: A zesty and invigorating blend, this flavor offers the tartness of lemon balanced with a refreshing minty exhale, perfect for revitalizing the senses.
  6. Orange Mango Watermelon: A trifecta of juiciness, combining the citrusy sweetness of oranges, the tropical lushness of mangoes, and the hydrating crispness of watermelon.
  7. Raspberry Lemon: A tangy and sweet duo, with the boldness of raspberries and the refreshing zest of lemon, creating a perfectly balanced tart treat.
  8. Strawberry Peach Mint: A charming mix that starts with the sweetness of strawberries, moves to the succulent taste of peaches, and finishes with a hint of mint for freshness.
  9. Pumpkin Spice (Limited Edition): A seasonal delight capturing the essence of fall with warm spices and rich pumpkin flavors, like a slice of pie in vape form.
  10. Pina Colada: A tropical cocktail turned vape, blending the creamy coconut and tangy pineapple for a sweet, beachy escape with every puff.
  11. Banana Mint: The creamy, rich taste of banana is complemented by a refreshing mint undertone, creating a unique flavor that's both fruity and cool.
  12. Strawberry Cream: Indulge in the classic combination of ripe strawberries folded into rich cream, offering a vape that's both luxurious and comforting.
  13. Vanilla Tobacco: A sophisticated blend of the smooth, rich taste of tobacco with the sweet, calming notes of vanilla for a mature and rounded flavor profile.
  14. Bubble Gum Freeze: The iconic, sweet taste of bubble gum is given an icy chill, resulting in a playful and cool flavor reminiscent of childhood.
  15. Pom Berry Mint: A refreshing blend of pomegranate and mixed berries with a minty finish, offering a sweet and crisp vaping experience.
  16. Blue Raspberry: A vibrant and sweet concoction that captures the unique taste of blue raspberries, with a tangy kick that's deliciously addictive.
  17. Blueberry Watermelon: A juicy and refreshing blend, combining the subtle tartness of blueberries with the sweet, watery crispness of watermelon.
  18. Strawberry Kiwi: A bright and fruity combination where the sweetness of strawberries meets the tartness of kiwi for a balanced and refreshing flavor.
  19. Anejo: A rich and complex flavor reminiscent of aged spirits, with deep, woody undertones and a hint of sweetness, perfect for a sophisticated palate.
  20. Cherry Cola: A fizzy and sweet blend that captures the classic taste of cherry cola, complete with a bubbly sensation and a deep cherry finish.
  21. Cherry Lemon: A delightful tart blend of zesty lemon and sweet cherry, creating a refreshing and vibrant flavor that's both bold and balanced.
  22. Gum Mint (spearmint): A burst of spearmint that's as refreshing as chewing a new piece of gum, offering a crisp and clean flavor that invigorates the mouth.
  23. Watermelon Ice: The taste of ripe, juicy watermelon followed by a cool breeze, this flavor is like enjoying a cold slice of watermelon on a hot day.
  24. Mint: A simple yet powerful flavor, providing the pure and refreshing taste of mint that cleanses the palate and offers a cool exhale.
  25. Strawmelon: A playful combination of sweet strawberries and juicy watermelon, creating a flavor that's bursting with summertime freshness.
  26. Candy Cane: The quintessential taste of peppermint candy canes, sweet with a vibrant stripe of mint, perfect for a festive and refreshing vape.
  27. Tobacco: The classic, rich flavor of tobacco, offering a deep, smoky profile that's smooth and satisfying for traditionalists and connoisseurs alike.
  28. Coconut Banana: A creamy, tropical blend where the richness of banana cream meets the sweet, nutty flavor of coconut for a decadent and exotic taste.
  29. Candy hearts: A sweet, sugary flavor that's reminiscent of the little heart-shaped candies, complete with the endearing notes of fruit and a hint of nostalgia.
  30. Peach Mango: A juicy, sweet combination of ripe peaches and lush mangoes, delivering a succulent and tropical flavor that's bright and satisfying.
  31. Mango: The essence of mango in a vape, offering a sweet, rich, and tropical flavor that's as close to the real fruit as you can get.
  32. Strawberry Lime: A zingy and sweet blend, combining the juicy sweetness of strawberries with the tartness of lime for a contrast that's refreshingly delightful.
  33. Strawberry Banana: A classic smoothie flavor that marries the creamy sweetness of bananas with the ripe juiciness of strawberries for a timeless fruity vape.
  34. Pineapple Passion: A love affair between the tartness of passion fruit and the sweet, tropical taste of pineapple, resulting in a passionate and invigorating flavor.
  35. Menthol: A clean and straightforward menthol flavor that offers a blast of coolness, perfect for those who seek a pure and icy sensation.
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