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Geek Bar

Geek Bar Pulse

Geek Bar Pulse

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Blow Pop: A flavor inspired by the iconic candy, offering a sweet and nostalgic taste reminiscent of the popular lollipop.

Introducing the Geek Bar Pulse, a state-of-the-art disposable vape that offers a seamless blend of technology and usability for an enhanced vaping experience. This innovative device is capable of delivering 7500 puffs, thanks to its 16ml e-liquid capacity and a high nicotine content of 50mg/ml, ensuring each puff is as satisfying as the last. It's equipped with a 650mAh battery that is rechargeable via a USB-C port, providing 4-6 hours of dependable use. The Geek Bar Pulse is designed for vapers who seek convenience without compromising on performance, making it a top choice for both seasoned and novice users alike. Explore the cutting-edge technology of the Geek Bar Pulse, discover our extensive collection of disposable vapes, and delve into our wide range of Geek Bar Pulse flavors to find your perfect match.

Geek Bar Pulse Features

  • Puffs Count: 7500
  • E-liquid: 16ml
  • Nicotine: 50mg/ml
  • Rechargeable: YES
  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Battery: 650mAh - 4-6 hours

Geek Bar Pulse Flavors:

Blow Pop: A flavor inspired by the iconic candy, offering a sweet and nostalgic taste reminiscent of the popular lollipop.

Blue Mint: A refreshing minty flavor with a hint of blue, providing a clean and cool vaping experience with a touch of uniqueness.

Cherry Bomb: Experience the explosive taste of cherries with this flavor, delivering a sweet and intense cherry vaping sensation.

Dragon Melon: Enjoy the exotic combination of dragon fruit and melon flavors, providing a fruity and tropical vaping experience.

Fcuking Fab: An intriguing name that suggests a bold and fabulous flavor profile, offering a unique and enticing vaping experience.

Meta Moon: A mysterious and celestial-inspired flavor that might offer a complex and otherworldly taste profile.

Miami Mint: As mentioned previously, Miami Mint offers a cool and refreshing minty flavor, providing a tropical and invigorating vaping experience.

Black Cherry: A classic fruit flavor featuring the rich and bold taste of black cherries, delivering a sweet and dark fruity vaping experience.

Blue Razz Ice: A combination of blue raspberry and menthol elements, offering a sweet and cooling vaping sensation with a blue raspberry twist.

California Cherry: Likely inspired by the cherry orchards of California, this flavor offers a sweet and vibrant cherry taste, evoking the essence of the Golden State.

Grape Blow Pop: Inspired by the popular grape-flavored Blow Pop candy, this vape flavor provides a sweet and fruity taste reminiscent of the childhood favorite.

Juicy Peach Ice: Immerse yourself in the juicy and sweet taste of peaches, enhanced by a refreshing icy kick for a delightful vaping experience.

Mexico Mango: Experience the tropical delight of Mexican mangoes, delivering a sweet and exotic vaping sensation that's reminiscent of a Mexican vacation.

Pink Lemonade: A classic lemonade flavor with a pink twist, providing a sweet and tangy taste that's perfect for a refreshing vape.

Sour Apple Ice: Enjoy the tartness of green apple combined with a cooling menthol finish, creating a sweet and sour sensation with each puff.

Strawberry Banana: A timeless combination of strawberry and banana flavors, offering a fruity and creamy vaping experience.

Strawberry Mango: A fusion of strawberry and mango flavors, creating a sweet and tropical blend that's perfect for fruit enthusiasts.

Tropical Rainbow Blast: A colorful and fruity blend with a tropical twist, offering a sweet and vibrant vaping experience that's reminiscent of a tropical rainbow.

White Gummy Ice: As mentioned earlier, White Gummy Ice likely replicates the taste of white gummy bears with a cool and refreshing twist, providing a unique and candy-inspired vaping sensation.

Watermelon Ice: Enjoy the juicy and refreshing taste of watermelon enhanced by a cooling menthol finish, perfect for hot days.

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